about service

1. How long does the effect of PDR last?
Answer : At least it lasts 2 weeks to 1 month. But the period can be extended upon request from customer. Please tell us how long you want to preserve the remains with PDR treatment.

2. Is any pork related material used in the medicine for PDR treatment?
Answer : No pork oriented material is contained in the material used in PDR treatment.

3. If some parts of face or body were injured seriously with accident, and PDR treatment takes longer time, is service price still the same?
Answer : Yes. In any cases the price of PDR treatment is same.


4. If it takes 2-3 days before applying for PDR service due to family discussion, is PDR treatment still possible?
Answer : Yes, PDR is possible even if it started 2-3 days after he/she passed away.

5. Does body fluid or liquid medicine leak after long distance transportation from Japan?
Answer : No. Our PDR treatment can prevent leakage.


6. How do you treat the remains if PDR treatment is impossible?

Answer : We follow Japanese law and proceed cremation.

Fare, Payment

1. Can client appoint, book airline company?
Answer : We are sorry, customer cannot book flight.

2. Is there any discount available for developing country?
Answer : We are sorry, discount is not available.

3. Are payment methods only Paypal, Western Union, and T/T remittance?
Answer : Yes, we accept Paypal, T/T remittance, and payment from insurance.