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【1. We immediately dispatch our vehicle to the site where the remains are kept


→ We immediately pick up the remains where it is stored, and transport to the PDR facility.

2. Honest explanation and clear disclosure of whole process of PDR

→ You can avoid misunderstanding and additional expense that might be caused by the lack of explanation.

3. Close cooperation with the embassy and consulate

→ We receive all regarding information and carefully listen to family to proceed PDR fast and properly.

4. We support international succession procedure

→ If your family left property, or could not cancel the contract with bank, phone service, credit card company, we work as the legal agent of the family to succeed property and right to family.

5. Accurate disclosure of costs


→ Sometimes family misses the important notification or figure when they contact us. In other case PDR company charges very high price on the coffin (casket) or international transportation.

We understand the grief of family first. We will disclose all price and reason before we proceed each process. Nothing is done without prior notification to family.

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