What is "PDR"?

When you need to transport human remains internationally, it must be treated with "PDR (also called embalming)".

PDR stands for,

P: Preservation
D: Disinfection
R: Restoration

The professional treatment is required legally to transport the remains safely and properly.

If the remains are treated with PDR,

1. We can preserve the human remains with postponing decomposition for as long as possible, especially it can preserve the remains before it reaches the destination.
2. We can preserve the remains until the family member and friends arrive at the place where the remains are kept.
3. We can proceed urgent, complicated international procedure in such serious situation.

So far, PDR services were provided only in Tokyo and Osaka area. It has made it difficult and expensive for foreigners who stay in the western part of Japan to treat the remains properly.
We PDR West Japan will make it easier, cheaper, clearer and faster upon request from foreigners and their families.