PDR treatment

 1)  Laying the remains down on the table

 2)  Check the remains

 3)  Disinfection of noze, mouth

 4)  Making up of face

 5)  Cutting (for injection of medicine, about 2cm length around the femur or the clavicle

 6)  Injection of medicine (excrete of blood from the vein, inject medicine in the arterial for preservation and disinfection. The color of medicine is similar to blood color, it makes the remain look natural)

 7)  Saction (cutting 1cm around stomach for saction of remained blood and liquid)

 8)  Suture (drying cut part for suture)

 9)  Washing (hair and body)

 10) Drying (hair and body)

 11)  Fitting dress (we take religion into consideration)

 12)  Make up of face and hair (we will make up according to the photo provided from family)

13)  Placing the body in coffin